Review Policy

I am glad to accept books for review consideration on Please note the following as contacting me assumes you have read and agree to these terms:

*I am always happy to hear from publishers and authors about books, but unfortunately, I cannot make guarantees about reviews. This blog is a passion project and I have a full-time job that prevents me from being able to spend as much time as I’d like on it.

*I am on  Goodreads, Facebook, & Instagram

*I may point out potentially sensitive or offensive elements to readers at the end of a review. These elements do not affect how I feel about a book and are completely separate from my recommendations.

What I Like:

 I am primarily a lover of fiction and preference is given to:

  • Young Adult (less anything with demons or Angels)

  • Romance (not Erotica)

  • Fantasy

While I may receive books for review, I will always let you know where I got the book and give you my honest opinion regardless of the source.