Spelled (The Storymakers), by Betsy Schow

Spelled (The Storymakers), by Betsy Schow

I judged this book by its cover.

Thankfully it was a good book!  Wizard of Oz is not one of my favorites and can get creepy really fast. This is the second retelling of this that I have read and in both the Dorothy character is a brat. I never did finish that other series. I couldn’t tell who was good and who was bad in it and that was probably on purpose but not my cup of tea.

This series I will finish.

I read this in a few days and was endlessly entertained by the quotes at the beginning of the chapters from imaginary and the creative way they changed words and phrases into a fairytale version. One such imaginary book was “An Apple a Day” by Snow White. One of my favorite quotes from the book is, “I hate to tell you but that Jolly Roger has sailed, sunk, and been eaten by ticking crocodiles.”

You could say there was cussing in this depending on what you chose to replace the words she uses but other than that this is a family friendly read. It starts out the way I like. The two main characters don’t like each other and then add a snarky sidekick and I was hooked.

Luckily, Dorthea grows as the story goes along so that she isn’t quite the brat she began as. The sidekick, Rexi, isn’t overly likable at first either but she too grows as the story unfolds. I rather enjoyed the back and forth she had with the prince.

The story revolves around the princess having a curse on her family and she isn’t allowed outside for fear that she will burn the world down. As the cover displays some pretty shoes, she comforts herself by buying whatever it is she wants and that includes a lot of shoes! Shouldn’t we all be so lucky? Dorthea has mommy issues and feels like her mother never has time for her and always puts the kingdom first.

The story starts on “Muse Day” which I am guessing is kind of like Christmas.

They have a tree called the Story Spruce that is decorated with star ornaments to honor the “Story Makers.” Dorthea, known as Dot, gets ahold of a hexed star ornament and it turns her world upside down. Then she has to try and set things back to rights with her unwanted prince and a servant girl (Rexi) who doesn’t care for her at all.

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