Living with Psoriatic Arthritis

Living with Psoriatic Arthritis

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How I over come PsA

When I  talked with my friends and family about starting a book review blog, a lot of them thought I should talk about having Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA) instead.

And I thought why would I talk about something that isn’t helped that much by medicines and is a constant struggle in my life?

I started my review blog that few read 🙁 and I am struggling more than ever with my PsA. So, since I do not want to be depressing I am going to list the reasons why I am an overcomer!

  1. My faith

This is sometimes hard for people (including me) to understand. God is supposed to heal me if I ask right? But he also gives us trials and hurts with us.

I have often thought that maybe I haven’t learned what I need to learn from it or shared what I need to share. To this day I have survived and he comforts me like no one else even if I don’t understand his reasoning.

2. My Family

My family has been in this with me all of the way short of actually feeling my pain. However, I had a brief moment where I got to feel/fear for a family member and know there was nothing I could do to help and I think I may have it easier in that regard.

My mom and sister are nurses and they (lovingly of course) drive me nuts but I know that it would be awful to go through it without them.

3. My Friends

I could have lumped my friends in with my family but they deserved their own number. We live in a world of superficial. If you don’t like something you go get it fixed at the plastic surgeon (cause there aren’t starving kids in the world that need that money).

If you don’t like something you go get it fixed at the plastic surgeon (cause there aren’t starving kids in the world that need that money).

My friends love me even though I am not physically up to all of the adventures they may want to have. They don’t care that my fingers are swollen and kind of deformed looking or that my skin is COVERED in psoriasis.

My friends listen about all of my doctor’s appointments and build me up when my spirit is low.

4. That girl from camp

I went to a camp when I was younger and it was through the local Arthritis Foundation. There were other kids there with arthritis just like me. They took medicines every day just like me.

But there was one girl that whined and complained ALL of the time. It isn’t like she was the only one or I didn’t understand. I did!

We ended up doing water therapy together and I saw her with her mom who catered to her. Please don’t do that to your sick kid! At least not all of the time. Her mom suggested we get together to play and I remember looking at my mom like “don’t you dare!”

She made such an impact that I have gone out of my way to make sure that I do not act like that.

I baffle doctor’s and medicines don’t work well for me BUT I am an overcomer!

I don’t even like bringing it up that I have it and the other day at Church when I couldn’t stand long enough to open doors for people it upset me.

I hate when it gets in the way and I would rather pretend it didn’t exist.

I have had this most of my life and I know that on some level it is easier since it is all that I have known. I still couldn’t do it as well as I do without support.

What are you an over comer of? It doesn’t have to be an illness it could be anything!

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