Chasing Impossible, by Katie McGarry

Chasing Impossible, by Katie McGarry

Chasing Impossible took me from wanting to pull the characters out of the book so I could shake them to sighing while smiling from ear to ear and pretending I was the one being spoken to and then back to wanting to scream. If this doesn’t sound like a book for you then in my humble opinion you are missing out. I actually bought this one as soon as I realized it existed.

I loved Abby the same way I love my nephew who might be ornery but is honest about it. Logan intrigues me as well but he isn’t Isaiah. I love a man with tattoos! More on him in another review.
Both Logan and Abby have secrets and neither is what you would expect but they aren’t bad secrets.

If you have read the previous books (I recommend you do if you haven’t) then you know that Abby is a drug dealer. Her dad was/is a big name in that business. That is part of the reason she doesn’t have many friends but everyone wants friends.

Logan, on the other hand, has plenty of friends. He plays baseball and gets along with his teammates and Elijah who introduced him to Abby. But his secret he hides from everyone even those he is closest to.

In this book, Abby has to trust Logan with a part of her life she has tried hard to hide from everyone as well. You find out Abby’s history with her father and the drug business as well as Logan’s home life with divorced parents who worry about his adrenaline junky ways. I never really put them together in the other stories do I was unsure how I would like them together but I think hands down this is my favorite!

In Abby’s world, there is a traitor and she gets caught up in it and ends up in the hospital. This is why she has to lean on Logan to help her. It takes a while and a few surprising helpers for her to figure out who she can trust and who she can’t so that she can devise a plan.

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